Our efforts contribute to recycling valuable components from waste.



Thanks to our activity waste does not end up in a waste stockpile.



We play our own part in creating new products and functional objects from the waste obtained.

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Global Eco Trade is a number of projects carried out in the following areas related to the waste managements:

  • collection of non-hazardous post-production waste
  • processing waste in a process of recovery of non-hazardous post-production waste
  • trade and agency for trade of production waste;
  • preparation of proposals regarding decisions authorising the collection, treatment and a decision on environmental conditions of an undertaking
  • environmental advisory, including transboundary movements of waste to and from third party countries;
  • trade in goods;
  • customs procedures advisory;
  • quantitative and qualitative analyses of chemical composition of organic substances.
  • IT support for companies


Since February 2007, we have dealt with a wide range of activities in the international recycling market.

In July 2015 we started a new project in Poland that substantially extends the scope of our activity to include waste processing in a recovery operation.

We are successively broadening our knowledge in terms of environmental advisory and application of legislative solutions with transboundary movements of waste and its recycling. We cooperate with top specialists in economy and environmental protection law, as well as with academic researchers performing quantitative and qualitative chemical analyses.

Our knowledge and experience make us a solid, efficient and reliable partner in business.


Economic growth and gradual implementation of Best Available Techniques (BAT) by entrepreneurs result in creating still large amounts of waste. Our activities contribute to limiting waste storage, thanks to which the substances contained in waste are yet again utilized in various processes leading to producing materials with original or changed purpose.

After a thorough selection, we transfer waste to entities holding proper permits for dealing with recycling and neutralization, as well as with transport and collection. Depending on technology used, specific kinds of waste are then subjected to mechanical, thermal and chemical processing at the end of which they are given new lives.






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